Mechanics of Urban Greening Symposium

Symposium The Mechanics of Urban Greening at the International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture, November 23-24 2016. Check out the full program here:
Our member practitioners and industry professionals have responded to the challenge of joining with our sister organisations and have assembled a dynamic and very relevant range of resentations over two days that deals with the world’s fastest growing populations in the tropics and temperate zones. The AIH Presentation Team Jana Soderlund explains how biophilia  architecture is essential understanding in the return of nature to our urban existence, while devising an index to measure the maintenance needs of a landscape with Kim Morris will be a must for landscape managers.2010 AIH Horticulturist of the Year Tim Edmonson will show how harvesting water run off with aquifers creates urban oases and Kim Courtenay explains the great project success in commercialising the bush tucker Kakadu Plum
with the W.A Bidyadanga people in WA for export, cosmetics and nutrition.
2015 AIH Award of Excellence recipient, Matt Mitchley explains his audacious and inspirational Jurassica project that will bring big green to the city capturing the dinosaur era, its plants and related nature as its centre piece. If that is not impressive enough, Andrew Price gives us a look into chaos, when he takes us beyond the classroom idea of photosynthesis, while soil scientist Simon Leake assembles the design ingredients for soils in urban greening.

Forensic arborist Nicholas Rivett takes us into the realm of the conservation of landscape tree species and discusses age diversity and follows this later with a scrutineers eye on the folly, fantasy or fact of green walls and roofs. Vertical garden specialist Mark Paul talks about the small steps to larger scale reclamation of the built environment and a related presentation by the Head of Horticulture at Burnley Campus of Melbourne University John Rayner shows how using research informs design, contrasting green roof performance is analysis not to be missed.

Glenice Bachelor presents the evergreen ‘nature and nurture’ principles of urban greening and Patrick Regnault will discuss a range of elements to consider in the planning of city eco systems.

Garden Guru and acclaimed horticulturist Neville Passmore takes on and passes on his tips for winning friends and influencing governments to see things differently in creating more urban green spaces and Andrew Prowse and Kim Morris give a memorable insight to re-establishing the horticulture code for Commonwealth War Cemeteries.

The vexing issue of getting younger people to the profession of horticulture is admirably presented by Martina Matzner – the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporations’ NT Rural Women’s Award.

Symposia Master of Ceremonies – Don Burke OAM FAIH

Come and Join Us
Our speakers are members and Registered Horticulturists, teachers, and people who do the design and work of horticulture. They deal with governments and corporations to get better deals for more green space and ask the questions of ‘nature and nurture’ of our profession, while considering the upward movement of vertical and lofty green spaces in how we live ‘modern urban’.

Join us for an engaging, enlightening and entertaining range of terrific presentations by our highly esteemed and experienced presentation team.

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