9 crop related Sections, 13 discipline related Commissions and 1 Special Commission on Nomenclature and Registration  ISHS leaf bullet  each year all Section and Commission Chairs meet in the ISHS Executive Committee   ISHS leaf bullet  within the structure of Sections/Commissions more than 130 Working Groups are currently active

ISHS Sections

  • Pome and Stone Fruits
  • Vine and Berry Fruits
  • Nuts and Mediterranean Climate Fruits
  • Tropical and Subtropical Fruits
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Vegetables, Roots, Tubers, Edible Bulbs, Brassica, Asparagus
  • Vegetables, Quality Production Systems, Leafy Green and Non-Root Vegetables
  • Banana and Plantain
  • Economics and Management
  • Education, Research Training and Consultancy
  • Horticultural Engineering
  • Molecular Biology and In Vitro Culture
  • Plant Protection
  • Irrigation and Plant Water Relations
  • Plant Substrates and Soilless Culture
  • Quality and Postharvest Horticulture
  • Protected Cultivation
  • Landscape and Urban Horticulture
  • Plant Genetic Resources
  • Organic Horticulture
  • Fruits and Vegetables and Health

International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture