II International Symposium on Tropical Horticulture

Now is the Era for Tropical Horticulture

We live in an era when more people live in cities than in rural regions. Most of the fastest growing cities in the world are located in the tropics. These are sources of competition for energy, land and water but also opportunities of new markets and challenges for tropical horticulturists.

Breeding strategies and Best Agricultural Practices are (or will soon be) impacted by climate change and as tropical conditions move polewards. Is tropical horticulture resilient enough to withstand these challenges? How can we as horticulturists improve our production and postharvest practices and at the same time protect the environment and mimimize our inputs?

The world population will exceed 9 billion by the 2040s and by 2050, half of the world’s population will reside in the tropics. The problem is already with us with many of worlds poorest people live in tropical regions. What changes are necessary in our prioroties for development, research and education to secure a safe, adequate and secure food supply.. As horticulturists, we need to work together to realize the potential of tropical horticultural crops to meet the needs of our world.

There have been some real success stories in production of tropical horticulture production. China and Vietnam produce large quantities of fruits and vegetables to feed their populations and export horticultural produce to other countries. Thailand is well known for its production and export of tropical fruits. There have been many recent advances in tropical plant breeding in countries such as India and Brazil. More than 3000 fruits grow in the Brazilian rainforest. In the Asia Pacific region >400 species of tropical fruits and nuts are grown commercially or are harvested from forests and are important for income and nutrition, medicine, timber, fuel & livestock feed.

The tropical regions are home to many high value and highly nutritious food crops. For example, the Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana), which is indigenous to northern Australia, has the highest vitamin C content of any plant and contains 3000 to 5000mg of vitamin C per 100g of fruit. Much of the diversity of tropical fruits has yet to be studied in detail and used either directly or via breeding and selection to produce new food crops. In comparison to the vast effort that has been applied to the improvement of production practices in temperate horticultural crops, much essential research is yet to be applied to tropical species. There is great potential to develop and more effectively use this resource to the benefit of the world. Now is the era for tropical horticulture!


  1. Success stories in Tropical Horticulture
  2. Feeding Booming Tropical Cities
  3. Modification of Production Systems for Year Round Production
  4. Production Practices and the Environment
  5. Are We Ready for Climate Change
  6. Tropical Horticulture and Human Nutrition


Image of Professor Dr Roderick DrewProfessor Emeritus
Roderick Drew

has performed many leadership roles in both professional and voluntary organisations.

His research has focused on tropical fruits and he has worked on collaborative projects in many tropical countries.

He has been a member of ISHS since the early 1970s. He has initiated new working groups, convened new and established symposia (commencing with the “International Symposium on Biotechnology of Tropical and Subtropical Species” in Brisbane in 1997), and served as a council member for Australia. Read more…

Paull, Robert mugProfessor Robert Paull

I have been involved for over 30 years in research and teaching, and as a consultant to commercial companies, and national and international programs. This experience has included leadership positions as a convenor of symposium, workshops and college task forces, elected faculty senator, faculty association board member, and served for thirteen years as chairman of a University Department with 24 faculty.

My research program is focused on the adaptation and application of technology to the improvement of postharvest handling in an integrated and systematic way. Research covers production approaches to improving product quality of tropical fruit, vegetables and ornamentals, insect disinfestation and handling and marketing of these products. This research has lead to improvement in production practices, and the postharvest handling and marketing of these products. All the research is done in conjunction and support of local industries and individual growers, shippers and marketers. Read more…

Image of Dr Alain RivalDr Alain Rival

is the Resident Director for SouthEast Asian Island Countries and the Coordinator for Oil Palm Research at Cirad, the French Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development.

His research work focuses on epigenetic variation in higher plants, specifically in exploring the role of DNA methylation in the determination of somaclonal variation in the oil palm. Read more…

International Scientific Committee

  • Jenny Aitkin, New Zealand
  • Thanda Aung, Myanmar
  • Chung-Ruey Yen, Taiwan
  • Amanda Crump, USA
  • Maureen Fitch, USA
  • Sirichai  Kanlayanarat, Thailand
  • JDH (Dyno) Keatinge, UK
  • Vincent Lebot, Vanuatu
  • Elizabeth Mitcham, USA
  • Tan Joon Sheong, Malaysia
  • Kyle Stice, Fiji
  • Jim Simon, USA
  • Sisunandar, Indonesia
  • Apiradee Uthairatanakij, Thailand
  • Wang Yingkuan, China
  • Judy Zhu, USA


No. Title Author
1 Horticulture for Sustainable Development: Evidence for impact of international vegetable research and development at The World Vegetable Center Dr. Dyno Keatinge
2 Study on the effect of new type covering materials on the quality and yield of Tomato Zeng Chan Zhou
3 Governance structures to facilitate market access for smallholder vegetable producers: lessons learned from marketing groups in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania Dr. Andreas Gramzow
4 The banana pseudostem tender core could be nutritionally better than its fruits Mr. Maclin Dayod
6 Evaluation Study of Chilli, Mango, Citrus and Shallot Development Program in Indonesia Idha Widi Arsanti
7 Effect of mineral nitrogen fertilizers substitution with natural ores of fertilizers on growth and productivity of olive trees cv. Koroneiki Dr. Taha Fathy Ahme El-Sharony
8 Bioactive phytochemicals and their bioaccessibility in four unexploited tropical fruits grown in Queensland, Australia Michael Netzel
9 The Food Plants International database as a global resource, freely available Bruce French
10 Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Cultivation in Italy: Experience and Prospectives Dr. Ottavio Cacioppo
11 Effect of main environmental conditions on the growth of Bitter gourd (Shiokaze) Dr. Maro Tamaki
12 Reddening Disorder of `Honey Gold´ Mango Fruit Mr. Amrit Poudel
13 Red bayberry – The journey to its commercialisation in Australia Dr. Melinda Perkins
14 Studies on the variability of growth and yield components in seedling strains of acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) Prof. Dr. DILIPRAJ PATIL
15 Role of p-coumaric and chlorogenic acids in the black spot disease resistance of pineapple Mr. Bastien Barral
16 A comparative study on germination and early stand establishment of French marigold (Tegetes patula) and African Marigold (Tagetes erecta) seeds by inducing physiological and chemical changes through seed priming Ms. Qurrat Ul Ain Farooq
17 Evaluation Ty Gene Inserted Tomato Lines for Yield and Diseases Resistance in Bangladesh Dr. Md. Abdul Goffar
18 A Review: Thailand Commercial Success of Growing Lime in Varietal Containers to Control Time of Flowering and Tree Canopy Dr. Montree Issarakraisila
19 Dr. Rosanna Freyre Assist. Prof. Brian Pearson
20 Modification of Production Systems for Year-round Marketing Prof. Dr. Robert E. Paull
21 Field Performance of Aeroponic grown Potato Seed in Tropical Environments Mr. Michael Hughes
22 A multi targeted approach to management of fruitspotting bugs in Australia – Outcomes and what have we learned Dr. Ruth Huwer
23 Research to Impact: The Household Garden Model of AVRDC ‘ The World Vegetable Center Dr. Pepijn Schreinemachers
24 Harvesting at Night Reduces Under-skin Browning in `Honey Gold´ Mango Fruit Dr. Andrew Macnish
25 Sustainable urban horticulture: a SWOT analysis Dr. Thomas Dubois
26 Maturity Index of Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L) using SVM as Image Processing Technology Dr. Indira Prabasari
27 Greenhouse Climate Control Design For Plant Productivity Dr. Indira Prabasari
28 Automatic Detection of Surface Defect on Mangosteen Based on Principal Component Analysis Dr. Indira Prabasari
29 Improved Horticulture Production Practices in Tropical Queensland Can Benefit Farm Profitability and the Environment Dr. Geoff Dickinson
30 Rambutan marcotts have a role in establishing high density, protected orchards Mr. Mark Hoult
31 Curcuma Ornamental Ginger Breeding in the Wet/Dry Tropics of the Northern Territory, Australia Ms. Doris Marcsik
32 Climatic Change Adaptation Strategy in Tropics’ Cropping Systems: a case study from Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) as live mulch Dr. David O. Ojo
33 The Study Composition of the Phenolic Complex and Antioxidant Activity of White Grape Varieties Dr. Svetlana Levchenko
34 Essentials oils to control anthracnose disease of mango due to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Dr. Marc Chillet
35 COP21 and the global horticulturist: the way to Climate Smart Horticulture Dr. Alain Rival
36 Morpho-anatomy of fruit, seed and seedling of Butterfly Pea Tree (Clitoria arborea Benth.) Prof. Dr. Breno Silva
37 Temperature, substrate and sowing detph on emergence of Ormosia paraensis Ducke seedlings Prof. Dr. Breno Silva
38 Disinfestation Of Floriculture Products With Ethyl Formate Fumigant: Vapormate Ms. Emily Rigby
39 The route to development of basal stem rot resistance material in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) via the discovery of lignification process in its pathogen (Ganoderma boninense) Dr. Joon Sheong Tan
40 Cashew Enhancement Project of the Department of Agriculture – Palawan Agricutlrural Experiment Station in Palawan, Philippines Elmer T. Ferry
41 Designing mango orchards for more efficient production systems Dr. Paula Ibell
42 Plant-pathogen interaction study of pomegranate genotypes in response to bacterial blight disease caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae Dr. Srinivasa Murthy
43 Quality Engineering Dynamics on Fresh Tomato Supply Chain Dr. Tomy Perdana
44 Durian Supply Chain Characteristic in Indonesia Dr. Tomy Perdana
45 Characterization of Coloured Mango Varieties of Goa Dr. ADAVI RAO DESAI
46 Segregating Pattern of DNA Markers: Can it be a tool for rapid screening of recombinants in cashew! Adavi Rao DesaiI
47 Endophytes – a new breeding technology or not? Dr. Jenny Aitken
48 Research on Tomato Nitrogen Content Nondestructive Testing Method Based on Multidimensional Image Processing Technology Assoc. Prof. Xiaodong Zhang
49 Morphological Diversity and the Nutrition of Aibika (Abelmoschus manihot L. Medik) Under Traditional Cultivation Practices in West Papua, Indonesia Dr. Saraswati Prabawardani
50 Photosynthetic activity and yield in capsicum cv Warlock is improved by grafting onto wild chilli rootstocks Dr. Robyn Cave
51 Mobile appllication system for a practical use in calculating leaf area Mr. Nafi Ananda Utama
52 Horticulture in Myanmar Dr. Aung Thanda
53 Photosynthetic activity and yield in capsicum cv Warlock is improved by grafting onto wild chilli rootstocks Dr. Robyn Cave
1 Study on the agricultural AGV suitable for the operation of the narrow site Zeng Chan Zhou
2 Optimization of Processing Technology for Dried Loquat Fruit Ms. Jintao Wang
3 Effect of structured water and fertilizer on growth, yield and quality of grape (vitis vinifera l.) cv. manjri naveen Prof. Dr. DILIPRAJ PATIL
4 Demand System for Fresh African Indigenous Vegetables among Households in Kenya Mr. Eric Obedy
5 The Speed of Germination of Lycopersicum esculentum L. is Increased by Imbibition Water Oxygenation Prof. Eloísa Vidal-Lezama
6 A decade of historical virus detections in sweetpotato from Australia’s east coast Sandra Dennien
7 Preharvest Treatment with Kaolin and Harvesting Seasons affecting Postharvest Quality and Physiological Changes of Mango Fruits cv. Nam Dok Mai No.4 Assist. Prof. Apiradee Uthairatanakij
8 The Seeds of Annona muricata L.. Tolerate Dehydration up to 12 % Prof. Eloisa Vidal-Lezama
9 Accelerated aging test in tree butterfly pea (Clitoria fairchildiana R. A. Howard) seeds Prof. Dr. Breno Silva
10 Position and the depth of sowing in the emergency of flamboyant (Delinox regia L. – Fabaceae) Prof. Dr. Breno Silva
11 Effect of Different Growth Medium Mass on the leaf photosynthesis capacity, Yield and Volume of Drainage Nutrient Solution of Greenhouse Cucumber Assoc. Prof. Ni Jiheng
12 Determination of appropriate irrigation time based on rewatering water-use efficiency Dr. Deke Xing
13 Calamansi (x Citrofortunella microcarpa) for potential citrus fruit production for the island of Guam Dr. Mari Marutani
14 Trimming losses in Chinese cabbage Dr. Emma Ruth Bayogan
15 Evaluation of various methods to break potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Granola) tuber dormancy Dr. Emma Ruth Bayogan
16 Efficacy of guava leaf and mangosteen rind extracts in reducing soft rot (Pectobacterium carotovorum) in harvested Chinese cabbage Dr. Emma Ruth Bayogan
17 Comparison of Measurement and Simulation of Photosynthetic Rate at a Level of Full Size Tomato Plant Mr. Kota Shimomoto
18 Baseline light distribution in Kensington Pride Mango (Mangifera indica L.) tree canopies in North Queensland Ms. Anahita Mizani
19 Effect of storage temperature and time on volatile profile of fresh-squeezed Thai lime juice Ms. Natthamon Suwannaprom
20 Effect of Macronutrient Concentrations on Yields, Pungency, and Phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) and Capsaicin synthase (CS) Activities of Hot Chili (Capsicum annuum L.) Assist. Prof. Thammasak Thongket
21 Calcined Kaolin (Surround WP) Effect on Heat Stress and Productivity in Bananas (Musa sp.) in Costa Rica Dr. Ruben Ortiz
1 RNAi-based management for Fusarium wilt of banana Ms. Shulang Fei
2 The climatic effects on phenological stages of citrus affecting yield and quality Dr. Tahir Khurshid


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