I International Symposium on Tropical Plantation Crops

Plantation crops constitute a large group of crops. The important plantation crops include coconut, arecanut, oil palm, cashew, cocoa, tea, coffee, and rubber. Plantation crops are important crops of South-east and Central Asia, Pacific Islands, Latin America and Africa. They play an important role in view of their export potential as well as domestic requirements and in employment generation and poverty alleviation programs particularly in rural sector. Cultivation of plantation crops in many countries also has rich diversity and varied history with each crop having its own distinct historical and economic context of development. The economy associated with the major plantation crops has significant forward and backward linkages to a large number of other sectors. The vertical linkages by way of value addition and post-harvest processing for each crop increase the significance of the plantation crop sector. The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) for the first time organising the International Symposium on Plantation Crops at Cairns, Australia from 20-25 November, 2016 for interaction between academia, researchers and extension and industry specialists to deliberate on a number of challenges facing plantation crops sector.


  1.  Varietal wealth (Germplasm, Genetics, Breeding)
  2. Production systems (Agronomy, Soil Science, Physiology, Biochemistry)
  3. Plant health management (Pathology, Entomology, Nematology)
  4. Value chain management (Post-harvest Technology, Economics)
  5. Knowledge management (Extension)


Sisir MitraProfessor Sisir Kumar Mitra

Professor Sisir Mitra is a scientist of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits. He has spent his scientific career researching tropical and subtropical fruits and is an internationally recognized specialist on litchi, guava and mango. Read more.

Professor Sisir Mitra
B-12/48, Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal 741235 India

Valerie Tuia

OIC – Genetic Resources
Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees (CePaCT)
Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

Luseane Taufa

Ministry Agric., Food, Forests & Fisheries

International Scientific Committee

  • Dr Alexia Prades, COGENT Coordinator, Bioversity International & CIRAD, France. Email:
  • Mr Eremas Tade, Acting Chief Executive Director of CCI, Cocoa, Coconut Institute Ltd, Papua New Guinea. Email:
  • Dr Andrew Ngereza, National Coconut Research Lead Scientist, Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute, Tanzania. Email:
  • Dr Roland Bourdeix, former COGENT Coordinator, CIRAD, France. Email:
  • Dr Lalith Perera, Genetics and Plant Breeding Division, Coconut Research Institute, Sri Lanka. Email:
  • Dr P. L. Saroj, Director, Directorate of Cashew Research, Karnataka, India. Email:
  • Dr Jessy, M.D., Deputy Director, Rubber Research Institute of India, Kerala, India. Email:
  • Dr N. Muraleedharan, Head, Entomology Division, Tea Research Association, Jorhat, India. Email: 


No. Title First Author
1 Development of molecular markers for application in sex determination of Phoenix dactylifera L Assist. Prof. Peerasak Chaiprasart
2 The impact of the interim post-harvest period on the physiology and development of key flavour compounds in fresh Vanilla planifolia pods Siobhan M Gardiner
3 Arecanut in India-present situation and future prospects Prof. Dr. Sisir Kumar Mitra
4 Disease Management Strategy for Coconut Root (Wilt) Affected Gardens – A Replicable Indian Experience Dr. Remany Gopalakrishnan
5 Effects of rainfall and period after spraying foliar zinc fertilizer on growth, yield and concentration of zinc in the leave of Kale Dr. Suphachai Amkha
1 Investigation of the Influence of Liquid Seaweed Extract (SeasolĀ®) on the Growth and Yield of Sugarcane Mr. William Farnsworth
2 Strategies for maintaining and increasing throughput of in vitro culture of sugarcane Dr. Sandra Snyman
3 Essentials oils to control anthracnose disease of mango due to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Dr. Marc Chillet
4 The study composition of the phenolic complex and antioxidant activity of white grape varieties Dr. Svetlana Levchenko
5 Ratio of grafted and not grafted shoot On the survival of top working cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) tree Dr. Ireng Darwati
6 The effectiveness of mycorrhizae inoculation To sonchuz biomass and quercetin production, and its extract effect to Cervic cancer cells inhibition in vitro Octivia Trisilawati
7 Yield performances of asiatic pennyworth evaluated in multi environment trials in West Java Indonesia Dr. NURLIANI BERMAWIE
8 Plant covering and soil microbes application to improve grafting success of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) in the field Mr. rudi suryadi
9 RNAi-based management for Fusarium wilt of banana Ms. Shulang Fei


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